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Maintenance of the Soul.  Let no other persons opinion, influence, or any pier pressure, control the destiny of your soul.  They do not pay your bills, they will not give you their heart for a transplant, and they will not take your pain after death.

The most important question you will ever ask yourself really is: If I did die today..., do I really know that I would go to Heaven, Burn in Hell, or just cease to exist?  If honest, the most important thing in your existence is to hear God say, "Well done my good and faithful servant".

I have crossed over (and after a great while, for reasons unknown to me, was sent back), there is another place, and it is real!  Since my teenage years I have believed through Faith.  At age 38 was confirmed through experience.  The path is written on this page.   

Always there are people who want to tell you how you should live and how to get to Heaven.  I call them Puritans, Legalist, and Christian Heretics, and I do not like them.  They think they are perfect.  I know that I am not perfect and just like everyone else, I usually choose my sins. 

How many ways are there to get to Heaven?  The bottom line is:

  1. John 14:6- Jesus said, "I am the way , the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
  2. Romans 10:13 For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.   It is that simple.  No rituals, just Christ's Love.

God said, I Am that I Am and Isaiah is full of prophecy to the coming of Christ.

Note:  It does not matter what argument is made by anyone to the origin of Christ; Alien, Son of God, Prophet, Space Traveler, Time Traveler, Super Computer Geek..., He is far more than the human race and gives us Salvation into the next life through His Grace.  (The terms we know / are comfortable in using.)

..And Jesus is the only person ever documented in secular history (with hundreds of witnesses) and The Bible to be raised from the dead and ascend to heaven.  Do you know anyone else that has ever done this?

I have an outside fire pit where my friends and I can sit and burn a couple of logs while de-stressing for the night.  Over the years some of my Persian friends have taught my wife and I how to properly prepare good Persian tea.

On many evenings my circle of tea drinking friends who sit with me around this outside fire pit include many races and religions including Muslims, Jews of Judaism, Christian Jews, Mormons, Greek Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Protestant and different Protestant denominations. 

One of those, a Mormon friend described the different factions of Christianity as this:

When in the witness of several hundred people, some Christian and some secular, Christ ascended to Heaven.  At that moment God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us until the return of Christ in 2000 years.  The apostles ignored the Holy Spirit and immediately their was dissension between the apostles and also between believers. 

Rick compared this to a mirror.  The mirror was placed into the hands of the servants and they dropped the mirror.  The mirror split into many pieces.  Everyone grabbed for a piece of the mirror and said my piece is the most important piece. 

Over the ages the next generations have continued to drop their pieces of the mirror, others grab for a part of the mirror, more mirror factions are created, and the ability to see your reflection continues to diminish.  All these people with a piece of the mirror have exactly that, a piece of the mirror. 

The required adhesive to make the mirror whole and the reflection complete will someday return and put the mirror back together properly.

My friends of Judaism say things like, "Say a prayer for me just in case the Jesus thing is true.

My Muslim friends point out their believe that we all worship the same God and they constantly tell me they love me as a brother.  I like that.

From different readings and the Koran: Muhammad said the Bible had been made corrupt by Paul and the disciples and that you could not believe the Bible.  Yet secular history supports the original Bible text language.  Discovery channel has a great series on ancient history, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and facts.

The Quran, (a salvation through works and aggression philosophy), clearly says that Christ is a good man and acknowledges the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ also voiding Christ of the sin of Adam.  They give high regard to Mary by their ladies wearing of head scarves in public.   A good man does not lie.  Christ says he is God in the flesh.  Either he was crazy, a liar, or is indeed God in the flesh.  A good man would not be crazy or a liar.  

I point out that Ala/God sent Jesus Christ who they consider a prophet.  I ask if a prophet can lie and that Muhammad clamed Jesus to be a prophet of Ala.  Jesus Christ clearly stated that He is the way, the truth, and the life.  That He was sent of His Father in Heaven.  If Jesus is a Prophet, and Jesus said this, then you call Jesus, your acknowledged prophet a liar.

So, unless you acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God, we cannot be worshipping the same God.  I also point out that the angel who came to Ishmael and his mother stated that God would take care of her and her offspring.

The Path

No Apologist

All We Really Need Is Love

Crossing Over

Why is this Bible verse on a business web site?


Why Do Bad Things

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Love and Fear

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