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The Gay Thing.

Can't we as a society, queer and straight, find something better to discuss? 

Like demons sending us to their personal war?

Is there really only one true selection?  Consider: Biological, Environmental, Abomination?

  1. Choice 

    1. Biological or Genetic and Evolutional Noise or Snow - Not Sin - Hormones

      1. The Ones Who Created Us are / were the brain child behind creation, evolution, and time.  Like a radio signal a frequency can sometimes be out of sink.

      2. The Ones Who Created Us Do NOT Make Mistakes.  Take that religious communities.  Probably over your head.

    2. Environment Issues - Sin?

      1. This issue is a book and there is not enough room here.

      2. Abusive person/s in the life involved

      3. Overprotection in the life involved

      4. Extreme petting  and attention or lack thereof in the person involved

      5. Trauma in the life of the person involved

      6. Sexual abuse as a child

      7. As a child, witnessing particular acts by adults

      8. Social Skills.  Possibly a lack of social skills throughout childhood and the teenage years to positively interact with the opposite sex.

        1. The social skills interaction issues can happen for a variety of reasons including all the already listed environmental issues.

      9. Childhood environment, when you become a responsible adult you cannot blame anything on your childhood history.  Choosing cowardice over life.  Yes, but sometimes easier said than done.

    3. Abomination 2 % of the 2% of the world population that is homosexual.

      1. Simply self absorbed and wicked

      2. Extreme Narcissi personality

      3. Mean by nature

      4. Contrite

      5. Extreme Cowardice

      6. Vengeful

      7. General trouble maker

      8. Get your way at all costs

      9. Caddy and Cat Scratching

      10. Flaming

      11. Look at Me, Look at Me.

      12. Always seeking to cause inflammation as a way to be the center of attention.  To incite.

      13. Constantly announcing their sexual preference as if anyone stand-up cares.  I'm Queer, I'm Queer!  Who cares?  I am out of the closet! Who cares?  Stay away from the children and impressionable.

      14. Extreme unsatisfied self indulgence for the climax of sex that they have not been able to obtain through those of the opposite sex for which their life course has taken them.

      15. Articulate in all the above

      16. The Media and Movie industry would like to blast the impressionable with wicked.  I know, I have worked in these industries since 1989.

      17. Like I said, a book.

In the early 70's I had never heard the word homosexual until in a Sunday night church training union class at age 17 while we were reading somewhere in the new testament.  I was doing the reading.  The teacher asked me to give my opinion and I advised I did not know the meaning of that word homosexual.  Some started sniggering and whispering to others and it became louder.  Back in the day most homosexuals around us were like most heterosexuals around us, they kept that kind of business to themselves which is the appropriate thing for stand up people.  If their orientation did come up the majority of people simply referred to homosexual males as homosexual, sissy and girls as homosexual or butch and went on.  There was no gossip.  Gay refers to happy people in general.  Gay is politically and non-politically correct for happy and festive people in general. I do not refer to homosexual people as gay.  If necessary I refer to homosexual people as homosexual, queer, sissy, or butch, but never gay.  If I encounter someone homosexual or heterosexual that is a troublemaker I have been known to reference them with other choice adjectives.


The community, knowing their children were most impressionable as children and teenagers, absolutely did not want them being mentored by a homosexual that kept their preference on their shoulder.  This is highly understandable and I understand and agree completely.  However, parents should teach their children not to harass, tease, or be mean to anyone that may "appear" sissy or butch, explain possible biological, environmental, and abomination issues.  That goes for any name calling.  Appear can be a dangerous thing like Assume. 


This is my biggest issue with the media and movies today.  They break their necks to effect the impression of children and teenagers that this is normal and most acceptable for everyone and it is NOT.  I do NOT chastise or criticize stand up homosexuals.  I am very against any who want to promote this lifestyle as a normal life style to the highly impressionable.  Leave them alone.  These feelings should be discovered by the individual in their own time rather than to infect all of the impressionable with these unnatural ideas.  But, The Ones Who Created Us are NOT going to condemn the biological and stand up homosexual and You do NOT condemn the stand up biological homosexual!  As for the Environmental, you have not walked in their shoes!  The Ones Who created Us have NOT given you authority to be Judge.  The Abomination makes themselves extremely obvious but yet still, we are NOT given the authority to be Judge, EVER.  Take that religious community and look towards The Ones Who Created Us instead of religion!  Those of us who truly know them call them God or by other names.


Yes the Bible does state in Romans chapter 1 that for two of the same sex to be sexually together is an abomination.  And, I do take the Bible, even the KJV, literally, but... A BIG But...


The Bible teaches, Study and show thyself approved, NOT study the King James Bible and show thyself approved.  It is amazing just how many people today in the USA do not know the true origination and reasons that King James ordered the making of his version of the Bible.  They also do not know the history of Constantine, religion verses government through the ages, and the continually discovered archeological artifacts that constantly show more light on the One Who Created US.   The good news.  Now that Lamar is no longer on our National Education committee we have moved up to number eight in third world countries and number twenty seven out of forty one educated nations!


The Bible does say homosexuality is sinful, but is it a sin if genetic? There are those that will tell you that homosexual cannot be genetic.  Do you know anyone who is perfect physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?  I am not, are you?  But more to the point;

  • A child born:

    • With an IQ less than your own

    • Missing a limb

    • Blind

    • Deaf

    • With Downs Syndrome

    • One or more of many life threatening diseases

    • Still born

    • A hundred other deformities

    • A Genius IQ

    • A super heart or lungs

Did God choose for all these children over the centuries to be born with birth defects or what we as a society commonly consider an abnormality?


And if two people are of the same sex and they are genetically disposed to be more comfortable with the same sex should they be locked up away from society, not allowed to live their life, the life they were given and are responsible for? 


Should they be a hermit? 

Should they not be allowed to love?

Should they flaunt? No.  This is a problem.  Most straights do not flaunt and are not not accustomed to flaunting of sexual preference unless they are Jerry Springer guests personalities.


What about if you are left handed or right handed?


Bone head do you want to argue about genetics?


Almost all homosexuals in my circle and exposure are highly intelligent, thoughtful, and many other accolades.  What is not cool is the highly articulating sharp tongue of some in the world, queer and straight.


My wife and I were married in November 1992, the first and only marriage for either of us, both of us at 35 years of age.  We have both always gone to church, ignored the dogma,  are not brainwashed with doctrine, and attempt as sinners to worship God, The Ones Who Created Us, through the Holy Spirit and Christ.  We are good people, and yes, like everyone else, we do choose our sins.


A couple of years into our marriage we were excited to find out that my wife was pregnant.  Both of us were diabetic and we took good care to make sure the baby was healthy in the womb.  Seventeen weeks into the pregnancy my 12 year old Pikapoo started crying, jumped into my wife's lap, and started sniffing her belly.  My wife had already began feeling very bad.  We went to her doctor the next morning.  My wife is diabetic, which required a specialist, referred by a specialist.  By that evening we had been sent to three different doctors and had to fight with the insurance company over payment for a DNC, (usually done in abortion clinics-what "Christians" call Partial Birth Abortion which is NOT a medical term).  Our baby had died.  Instead of being able to morn our loss we had to fight with another insurance company in Boston and asswipes with signs outside the facility.


At the hospital the doctor who did the DNC came to me in the waiting area to tell me that the fetus was indeed dead.  That the fetus, that early had appeared in the ultrasounds as a boy, was very deformed and that they wanted to keep the fetus for stem cell research.  Don't tell lill bush and his phony republicans.


One family member told us that if we had been right with God this would not have happened to us.  This dogma was also suggested by some of the church vomit, those Puritans, Legalist, Baptist, Church of God, Christian Heretics, and Pharisees who attack others with genetic dispositions or anything else that does not fit their purpose.  Our so called church family.  Who are they to tell us this.  I would be lying if I did not admit my feelings were just to say "piss on all of them". 


Seriously, If you are genetically disposed to an alternative life style, Love God first, then find someone to share your life!  God did not make man to judge you.  God will be your judge and fortunately mine as well.  Thank God that our judge, I AM, is "Son of God", Alien, Space Traveler, Time Traveler, Super Computer Geek...but not my fellow man.  Satan will be the prosecutor.


Please Read:
Romans Chapter 1..
I Corinthians 5:16

All we really need is Love.


My elementary school library teacher used to tell us that if we wanted to know where we were going, to simply look back on history.  There are several similar quotes by famous world leaders.  So remember Rome just before their fall from greatness.  The people had become lazy and fat, the slaves had slaves, and homosexuality as well as many other things were abundant.  And of course there is Sodom and Gomorra where the men came to the door of Lot wanting the Angels of God for their own pleasures, (in that case just mean and obsessed and definitely not genetic).


A better subject is the origins of the Bible and the left out books.

The Path

No Apologist

All We Really Need Is Love

Crossing Over

Why is this Bible verse on a business web site?


Why Do Bad Things


Rain on the Windshield

Love and Fear

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