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Life After Death
Truly Crossing Over To The Other Side

Read it All.
Due to the aftershock of little bush and devil cheney I was and am in the same boat as most of America and the World. If I could write a series of books and be paid for them I would start now. If I were invited to speak to groups I would immediately. I need a publisher that will advance a living income until books published.

From Ronnie L Rathbone: "A Closed Mind and Faith Cannot Go Together." Ronnie L Rathbone. Like Vinegar and Oil. Like a man cannot worship two gods for he will hate the one and despise the other.

July 10, 1997: Morning
While driving my Wife, June, to work, and in the parking lot of Chick-Filet’ at Windy Hill for our breakfast, I developed a slight Pain in my chest area, my jaws hurt a little, my left elbow and arm felt like I had been hit with a hammer and felt very bad.  I took Anacin 3, went back home to Kennesaw, laid down, and rested for 2 hours then felt better.

July 11, 1997:
Continued slight pain in the chest area, jaws hurt a little pain in left arm. When I would feel bad I took 2 Anacin 3, rested for a couple of hours, and then felt stronger.

July 12, 1997:
Continued slight pain in the chest area, jaws hurt a little and arm pain. When I would feel bad I took (2) Anacin 3, rested for 2 hours, and then felt better.

July 13, 1997:
Continued slight pain in the chest area, jaws hurt a little arm pain. When I would feel bad I took (2) Anacin 3, rested for 2 hours, and then felt better.

July 13, 1997:
Visit to Primary Care Physician (EXCELLENT Doctor): Doctor thought two things were going on. Doctor scheduled me for a visit with what turned out to be an EXCELLENT Cardiologist on July 14, 1997.

July 14, 1997:
Visit To Cardiologist. Cardiologist request that I go into the hospital for a cardiac cath the next morning, July 15, 1997, at Kennestone Hospital. I asked to go to another hospital because I had heard far too many bad things about Kennestone. I was assured by the cardiologist that all would be fine.

July 14, 1997:
I was 37, 168 pounds, strong and healthy, but mildly Type 2 Diabetic. This was covered at Kennestone Hospital in admissions and with attending nurses.

Ø Time estimated at 2:00PM, No Lunch yet and was now over at Kennestone Hospital.

Ø Kennestone Admissions finally finished their papers and I was tired and needed to have some lunch and rest for a while. I went to the assigned room, #472, asked for some food and began to drop off my shoes to lay down, shut my eyes, and sleep for a couple of hours, as I really needed to rest.

Ø In the next few minutes, nurses began to come into my room. My wife and I both continued to ask them to please let me rest for a couple of hours before they started their test and procedures. We also told them again that I was a diabetic and had not had lunch and it was going on 5:00PM or 5: 15PM and that I needed to eat now because I was feeling a low blood sugar and had cold sweats. We told this to the first nurse Janice and the other two nurses that were coming into the room.

No Food, No Rest:

Ø These nurses began to insert several IV’s in me in case they should be needed later. They were told I have Vagle Block. With no food, and no rest, I broke out in a cold sweat and had to be bathed down by my wife. The nurse’s placed a portable heart monitor on me and left saying someone would bring me food. The heart monitor was supposed to have fresh batteries and was supposed to have been verified working. When the nurses first came into the room and were told of my low blood sugar I was promised food. We were informed that I would be going for a chest x-ray that would take about 45 minutes to an hour. My wife then went home to gather my overnight bag so she would be back to my room about the same time I would be back from x-ray. The food never came, the sweats became even worse.

Ø A blonde haired x-ray lab technician came in and took me to x-ray. They apparently needed one to four x-rays. She had me do the biggest NO-NO for a potential heart attack victim; hold my breath and hold my hands over my head. A portable x-ray machine should have been brought to my room. Even though I was very tired and with cold sweats the x-ray technician stood me in front of the x-ray machine using my chin to press the heart monitor against the top of the x-ray out of the way. Then, while holding my arms over my head and holding my breath she would shoot the pictures! I was standing still. The technician was having problems with the alignment of the x-ray machine and apparently was not getting the x-ray clear. I did each x-ray approximately 4 times before they did one correctly. At this point I could not even talk and I was obviously a bother to the x-ray technician. I was then placed in a wheel chair, pushed into the hallway, and left there for approximately 15 minutes before someone arrived to roll me back to my room. I was now feeling really bad and had not felt that way at any time before. I was miserable and could not even bring myself to talk as I was finally pushed back to my non-private room. I stood up and sat on the bed and the technician turned around and left.

Ø Immediately, I began to feel this unbelievable pain in my jaws and my chest and my chest felt like someone had a vise that pulled from the inside of my chest or an elephant was sitting on my chest. I also now had both the cold sweats from the low blood sugar and hot sweats from this. I felt so bad, but I was conscious. I had pressed the nurse call button several times. The curtain was partially drawn between me and the other guy in the room and his visitor.

§ Finally, Janice, the original nurse assigned to me, came into the room on a routine stop by to see how I was doing. Several minutes had past before she came into the room.

§ Janice knew what was happening and immediately began to take my blood pressure and press the nurses call button. (Reminder, I am on a portable heart monitor that is supposed to be monitored at all times from the nurse’s station of the heart wing of Kennestone. They had supposedly tested the monitor upon connection.)

§ The other patient in the room was on the telephone and Janice took the telephone and tried to call help. She finally went into the hall and began to scream for someone to get their @#* down there and help with a heart attack patient.

§ Janice continued to take my blood pressure every 30 to 60 seconds. She administered (1) nitroglycerin tablet and continued to watch my blood pressure and then gave me a second nitroglycerin tablet and continued to take my blood pressure as I felt worse and worse and I began to fad in and out until I was gone.

Life After Death Experience One of Two Simultaneous Experiences:
By this time I was dead. However, from this point forward two separate things were going on. One spiritual or, on the other side, and the other is the actions of Kennestone Hospital Staff discussed here. From above my bed I was watching everything that went on in the room, then the hallway, the elevator, and the next hallway, and I remember the events.

Previously Janice continued trying to get the head of my bed to lower in attempt to get my blood pressure back up and then just to get a blood pressure. It was not working. My blood pressure had bottomed out more than once during the event, and finally to no blood pressure, no heart beat, no pulse and no breathing. During progression of these events several nurses had finally come into the room, pre to post blood pressure loss. I could hear Janice telling them over and over that I had no blood pressure at all and then I was gone. As I watched from above I heard Janice continue telling the others over and over that I had no blood pressure, no heart beat, and no pulse and was not breathing. A larger nurse had already come into the room and began instructing the other nurses to do an IV drip and add so many units of nitroglycerin. Janice had told the supervisor nurse that she, Janice, had already given me two nitroglycerin tablets and already I had previously gone to no blood pressure several times. The supervisor nurse instructed the other nurses to add the nitroglycerin IV drip anyway. They could not get the IV box to work and apparently the electrical outlet and the battery back-up were both defective. They did deliver the extra nitroglycerin. Overdose. Before I was totally gone I could hear Janice screaming at the charge nurse over the nitroglycerin and the charge nurse told Janice she, Janice, was too involved and to remove herself. Janice then got into the face of the charge nurse yelling until she, Janice, won the argument, for the moment. I am gone but from above I am listening and watching.

Ø The crash cart arrived and it would not work. No outlets in the room were working and apparently, the batteries were dead which is why the nurse call button would not work or their efforts to lower the head of my bed. The outlet where it was plugged into was not working. They were in the real time process of re-wiring that wing.

Ø The nurses were trying to get my bed into the hallway and all were pulling on the bed. Finally someone else came into the room and released the brakes on the wheels of the bed and they began to roll my body out of the room for CCU. There is no equipment attached to me except the heart monitor.

Ø At the elevator the nurses were unsure what floor CCU was on or the protocol. Finally after agreeing on a decision they had to argue with the person pulling around the food retrieval cart over who was going to get the elevator and one of the nurses jerked the food cart out of the elevator and took that elevator to CCU.  Once in the elevator they had to discuss which floor they thought CCU was on before selecting a floor.

Ø After arriving on the CCU floor my bed / gurney was rolled over to the side of the hallway. One nurse was pounding on the doors of CCU and another nurse yelling for someone to open the doors, and the rest of the staff involved with me were in a huddle getting their stories together.

Ø Finally, a CCU nurse came off the elevator, saw my body, saw the lady beating on the door, ran to the door, swiped her card into the slot, ran into CCU and started yelling codes. This is when my body jump-started. Staff then came running out of CCU to my gurney.

Ø The nurses with me were not aware as to how to get a patient into CCU. They also apparently did not see the telephone on the wall. The one my wife later used to be admitted into CCU.

Ø Once CCU staff came running to my gurney everything turned around. CCU was in control; the “to be” heart floor had no control or clue.

Ø By this time I was shaking in the bed so violently I could hardly talk and I was freezing. The CCU nurses were now all trying to hold me on the bed. I heard a CCU nurse say I was given excessive nitroglycerin and the nitroglycerin had dilated my veins and caused the extreme freezing. I was begging for blankets when I could speak. The reason I was freezing so bad is because I had been dead for so long and my body temperature had dropped significantly. At that moment the CCU nurses had no idea what had happened and how long I had been that way.

Ø The doctor in CCU asked how I felt. As I continued to jerk violently, I told him I was freezing to the bone and needed blankets.

Ø I was clearly telling CCU nurses and the CCU doctor what had happened and the actions of these “heart wing” nurses from the time of the X-rays forward. Those original nurses stood with their mouths dropped opened not saying a word. Janice came to my side and whispered that I was freezing so bad because of the overdose of nitro. But more accurately, I was freezing so bad because of the length of time I had been dead and my body temperature. Dr. Brown also informed the CCU staff and the amateur staff of the definition of Vagle Block or Vascular Instability and the dangers of Vagle.

Ø After I initially came into CCU my blood pressure still could not be stabilized, bottoming out again about 2:00AM with another mild heart attack. I was scheduled for a 3:00 PM Cardiac Cath and was rescheduled as the first priority on July 15, 1997. The next morning, following the cardiac cath I was rushed on to Piedmont Hospital for an angioplasty and then a stent implant. The difference was from night to day in competence between the hospital wing personnel and the hospital environment at Piedmont Hospital.

I was told that I had a moderate heart attack and was told that I had minor heart damage. It was all played down. They initiated the heart attack.

Before all of this I had told every contact at Kennestone Hospital:

Ø I came into the hospital with the symptoms of a potential heart attack. I had done OK with resting and taking Anacin 3 all the way up to admission at Kennestone Hospital.

Ø I told them immediately at admission with each nurse coming into my room (#472), that I had not had lunch and it was now going on 5PM. I told them I was very tired because I had not been able to take a 1-hour to 2-hour nap all day and really needed to eat something and sleep before they started anything.

Ø I told them all I was Type 2 diabetic, (168 pounds), had cold sweats and the shakes.

The nurses never listened.

Ø The x-ray technician had to take multiple x-rays of me, having me hold my breath and hold my arms above my head, both very big no’s for a potential heart attack patient.
Ø The x-ray technician had me holding up my portable heart monitor against the x-ray machine with my chin while holding my breath and raising my arms over my head.
Ø The nurse’s station never responded to my heart monitor once the heart attack was initiated. Batteries were dead?
Ø The nurse call button never worked. They were in real-time re-wiring the wing to be a heart wing.
Ø The outlets for the bed never worked and they could not lower the head of my bed to help get a blood pressure.  Re-wring the wing.
Ø The outlets in my room in the heart wing were out of order. I know they tried three outlets that did not work. Re-wiring the wing.
Ø The nurses fought over the dose of nitroglycerin given to me.
Ø The nurses did not know how to release the brakes of the bed.
Ø The IV Pump machine did not work. The outlets in my room did not work and the batteries in the IV unit were apparently dead or not charged. While being dead I could hear discussion over this.
Ø The crash cart was not functioning properly. With the outlets in my room out, and the charger batteries not charged that team could not charge the paddles. I could hear discussion over this.
Ø There was issue on protocol of who would get the elevator, the food cart, or the patient.
Ø The nurses did not know how to get me into CCU.
Ø The nurses apparently had not notified CCU that the patient was in route to their floor and did not know how to get a patient through the doors of CCU.

Once at Piedmont I was then given an angioplasty and a stent implant. The staff at Piedmont was very professional and very good.

Ø Janice, the first nurse at Kennestone called to check on me several times while I was in Piedmont and then a week or so later after I was home.  She talked with my wife and left messages. We both found this strange since we’d never had a hospital nurse to ever call and check up on anyone we knew. She knew everything that the staff had done was very wrong.

Þ I never recovered from the heart attack and could not even work from the start to undetermined. I slept at least 3 to 4 hours in the middle of each day every day since the heart attack until much later. I had had no energy allowing me to be productive.

Ø 4X Bypass On March 16, 1998, shortly after leaving Piedmont hospital I began having Jaw pain again and made another of several appointments with my cardiologist, my cardio doctor and was seen that afternoon. From the heart attack until this time I had made several (over 12 each) visits to my Primary Care Physician, and my cardiologist and a secondary cardiologist referral over the above issues of recovery. They kept giving me stress test and telling me it was in my head. My cardiologist finally challenged me and recommended another cardiac cath. I said fine, do it right now. A reaction not expected by him but they scheduled the test for March 19, 1998. I was told to go to Kennestone hospital and I made it clear that was not happening. I was jokingly told “It will be OK, Kennestone has either trained or replaced all those people by now”. I insisted to go to Piedmont and my cardiologist respected my wishes.

Ø On March 19, 1998, the cardiac cath was again performed (but this time at Piedmont Hospital), during the procedure and view of my heart area a big word was used by another person on the team and everyone became quite. After the test was finished and I was back in the recovery area my cardiologist came to my bed and apologized to me profusely and I was informed of the need for a 4X-graft bypass. When doing the original angioplasty the angioplasty team had unknowingly dislodged normal plague in the arteries and it had all logged in this area in a way that prevented any avenue but a open chest 4X Bypass.

Ø I had a 4X-graft bypass on March 20, 1998 and began healing very slowly.

Ø My business was gone, my start-up business was gone, and at that time I was not able to seek employment with any company. We lost a lot of money.

Ø More importantly, although I was told that my heart suffered minor damage and that I was young, that does not change the fact that I do now have heart damage. It will eventually have an effect on what kind of living I can make, and when and for how long I can make that living.

Ø This greatly increases the chances of my developing congestive heart failure later in life. Affordable, if any, life insurance is gone unless I am on a corporate policy and life insurance will be minimal with extreme rates.

Ø The issue is not if I would / would not have had the heart attack. The issue is all of the incompetence of both Kennestone hospital personal and the hospital facilities in 1997 that contributed to the heart attack and the care I received up until the time I got into CCU---including the fact that the heart monitor on me either was not working or the monitor at the nurse’s station was not being monitored to alert them to an oncoming heart attack that should have initiated quicker and appropriate action and care.

Ø With great deliberation, we considered what to do about our current and future losses and the gross negligence and gross incompetence of Kennestone Hospital. After we diligently searched for answers inside ourselves on what to do and after witnessing the after effects of this kind of illness on others and the other suits already against Kennestone Hospital we decided to go forward with maximum litigation against Kennestone Hospital.

Ø After seeking legal council my wife was advised that the case would first have to go before a medical review board before suit would be allowed. She was later advised that because I did not remain dead there was no case to file suite against Kennestone Hospital. She was also told that because I lived Kennestone Hospital could show that effort was made to save me from death.

Update: In the year 2010, I needed medical paperwork from Kennestone Hospital for other reasons involving standard required check-ups to supply my new cardiologists at UT in Knoxville Tennessee. My wife, June, requested my complete file from Kennestone. We received a single page copy of my admittance record showing where I had been admitted to Kennestone Hospital and transferred to Piedmont Hospital for a angioplasty. We called Kennestone Hospital, had a lengthy discussion with them about my stay there and we were told that sheet was the ONLY piece of information in any paper or digital file or in any records for the hospital and there were no other documents of my stay there and they were not aware of any other treatment I had received there.

Back to the original experience

Life After Death Experience Two A of Two Simultaneous Experiences:
Here is a brief of one of my Two Simultaneous experiences at Kennestone hospital on July 14, 1997. At Piedmont Hospital on July 15, 1997, and as soon as my wife was allowed to see me and I was physically able to talk I made my original comments to her about the experiences. Already angry at Kennestone hospital and very shaken at the experience June was shaken to a much greater degree by my death experience details to her. I made my original notes after being brought back home. We discussed my death experience number one with many people from many churches and many who do not attend church or who do or do not practice other religion. We discussed the First part of my Second experience with many people from many churches and many who do or do not practice any religion. For years we have discussed the Second part of my Second experience with few people.

Because of gross incompetence by hospital staff I was flat-lined. But there was and is a gold lining. I will be deciphering what I saw the rest of my long or short life. Update reference: In the winter of 2012 a Doctor of Orthopedics was on the Katie Curic Show who had drowned and been under water for over 20 minutes and then revived and discusses being on the other side. There was another doctor who had a brain illness who died and was then in a comma for two weeks and he discusses being on the other side. Barbara Walters just did a series on Heaven and the after life. I have always wanted to write a book about this experience but business was growing and very busy and now is very slow and I am financially challenged to just stop everything to write a book.  Back to my death experience

While laying dead during a staff fiasco at Kennestone hospital I saw our Creators and future and I have been confirmed by others here who were dead at the same time. These part of my death experience is from the Second of the simultaneous experiences and is the part that has been discussed over the years with very few people. However, in 2011, I did post this in the life section of my web site,  For the rest of my long or short life I will be unraveling everything I saw on the other side. Understanding everything as it unravels is another story and more books.

Before I start, You MUST remember that time was developed by the ones who created us for us. They are not affected by time. They do not travel through time. They are outside what we know as time. So forget your thinking which is harder said than done. Myself and the two people below saw each other on the other side. We each saw many more faces and over time, more will be remembered, reveled, or understood to or by each of us. We saw each other on the other side and we were each sent back for whatever reason, and after being dead and brought back, have met each other here. We each find these “chance” meetings here to be more than a coincidence. We discussed seeing each other on the other side. We did not discuss our individual experiences on the other side. We were each already too emotional about the mere fact that we had actually meet on this side after returning and each now had real touchable verification of our experiences on the other side. We each understood how far we lived from each other, how different each of our lives were, and how unlikely the possibility of a mere “chance coincidence” meeting.

Myself and these two people experienced full after death experiences, no comma or one minute dead experiences. Our individual stories are not exactly the same but since then I have met many others who have had similar nerve wrenching similarities. One with a fantastic story is a Vietnamese gentleman I met in 2012 who works for or did work for Sears in Georgia.

In this Second of the simultaneous experiences the first thing I heard was the deep, strong, and angry voice of the one I have determined to be the Attorney General-Prosecutor. The prosecutor stayed to my left behind me and I met what I have determined to be the Judge who stood to my right in front of me behind two other human looking people up close to and in front of me. The Judge was quietly observing my questioning by the Prosecutor, how I handled myself, and my answers to the Prosecutor.

Immediately after my wife was allowed to see me at Piedmont Hospital on July 15, 1997, the first things out of my mouth were not about the idiot staff at Kennestone hospital who flat lined me, had no working equipment, and no knowledge about what to do when they induced, or a patient simply had a massive heart attack, or the extreme time between dying in the room to being on a gurney, pushed to the side, in a hallway on another floor.

On July 15, 1997, at Piedmont Hospital, the first words to my loved wife June were about the second of the simultaneous experiences and what happened to me on the other side there. I told my wife word for word what was said to me by the one I will reference as the Prosecutor with his accusations, my acknowledgements to some of the accusations, and my strong arguments against several other of his accusations, answers, all the people I saw or passed while walking through this facility on the other side, that I did not recognize any of them, and the offer by the Prosecutor to let me live if I would do this and that. With rest between sections I then told June of the experience with the staff at Kennestone hospital.

In Biblical terms, I was wearing my Helmet, My Shield, and My Sword. These Biblical terms are used on this side by religious institutions to illustrate how we should be prepared on this side for daily challenges and in living for Christ. However, the true meaning of the phrase, “Wearing My Helmet, My Shield, and My Sword” is to be prepared for the Voir Dier by the Prosecutor. I have been in a religious church environment my entire life and have been well studied in the Protestant versions of the Bible and somewhat studied on the Catholic and Zionist versions. At this time I had read my KJV Bible through two complete times and my NIV partially through. This did not include the thirty seven years of Sunday School, Sunday Church, Sunday Night Training Union, Wednesday Night Church Service, Royal Ambassadors, Royal Ambassadors Counselor, Vacation Bible School, Choir, Quartets, Revivals, or National and Regional Teen events. But I have always had questions about Pastor interpretations from the Bible we are presented and my very different view of many meanings within religious writings. My response to the Prosecutor was that my GOD, The Ones Who Created Me, did not make deals. I was then told by the man standing in front of me and to my right, well done but you have to go back for now. There was so, so much more that happened there. And the Attorney General-Prosecutor was to my back side with an extremely strong and mean voice. He was so angry, beyond description. Behind him was darkness. Reference the Book by Billy Graham, Angels, Chapter 13.

To re-cap, in front of me were two human like figures observing and standing to the side a little back is the one who said well done but you have to go back for now. At the same time I could see all those other people being taken back and forth and that I passed as I walked through the facility.

From those people I saw or passed are two different people that I have since knowingly meet here. I lived +/- 3000 miles from each and they lived roughly 1800 miles from each other. Our meeting and recognizing of each other gave each of us the bravery to now talk in greater detail about what happened and what we saw.

After I had told my wife these things I experienced on the other side and when someone else came to sit with her outside CCU of Piedmont Hospital, June left for a while, went to a nearby book store, asked for help, found the book by Billy Graham titled Angels, bought the book, brought it back to CCU, read it and then told me the following from the book, Chapter 13. Among many names, Satan-Lucifer, Lokie, The Devil, and the one I referenced as the Attorney General and Prosecutor Hates God, the ones who created us, So Bad, that even though he has lost as the Prosecutor, he will try even then to the very last nanosecond to grab our soul and take to what we call Hell. The Prosecutor is there to present his case as to why he should receive our soul. Our life is like a video recording and you should know that like any Prosecutor, the one we call Satan places his twist on the facts, Helmet, Sword, Shield. One of the jobs of those two human like beings in front of me was to protect me and my soul from the grasp of the one we call Satan. We call these two people Angels of God.

We are not held responsible for things we have done that were caused through no fault of our own and we were trapped or deceived and without any option. But that gets involved with the twists of the Prosecutor. He Is In All Sense of the Word, A Prosecutor.

As for the taking of life:  I can tell you that what I saw is clear that the Creators of the Human Species does NOT tolerated the Intentional taking of breathing human life, period.  Whether the orchestrator, human tool or both, those who murder for ANY reason Will NOT See or Live with Our Creators in the Next Realm.  Our Creators are Beyond Religions.  Our Creators are Beyond Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, Druid, or any other.  These religions are all part of the grand puzzle.  Study.  Our Creators will Not Accept Anyone of Any religion who intentionally Slays / Murders in the Name of a Religion.  Despite the claims of some humans, these all go to the Prosecutor for eternity, infinity, forever, without time.

After my 2010 “chance” meeting with the Second of these two people I saw on the other side and who saw me there, I became brave enough to post just a little more of the experience on my web site life section in Things I have known since my death event but would never discuss before the Second of these two “chance” encounters. The meeting of two different people I did see on the other side convinced me that I was supposed to tell all of my story and it convinced them as well.

They each referenced the facility as a ship.  Yes! Yes, confirmation to each of us that we are not crazy! What I experienced was a monster size ship. That was the most key word out of each of their individual mouths. That word brought shivers down my spine and all over my body. Each of us became very emotional at the mentioning of the word ship. We knew.

I have always been taught and have been one who has not seen but believes. Now I am one of those who has not seen but believes and also one who has seen and believes. This is a blessing.

What I experienced on July 14, 1997, does Not change my faith in any way. Whatever name we call the Ones Who Created Us, They Still Created Us. They Are Creation and Evolution. Creation and Evolution are one and the same. They are outside of and immune to time. They are far superior to and powerful than us. There is no comparing us to them in abilities. They do command respect from us. They do command order and a positive way of life from us. They do expect each of us to aspire to be more. They do expect allegiance from us through faith followed by positive action in the original words they have sent to us through the millennia's and the interventions they have made for us individually and as groups, and if not, then they will allow the prosecutor to take us to his realm. Once we are accepted into their Kingdom we are changed to be as they.

They are with us everyday, every second. They are like, in a different phase of light, and not affected by time. They do not usually get involved in our daily life because Freewill decision is so important to whether we will be accepted into the Kingdom of the Ones we call GOD among many other names, or into the Hell of the one we call Satan among many other names. But they can and do sometimes intervene. The ones we call fallen angels are also here and they do anything and everything in any way that is not protected by what we call the Hand of Protection. Individual Human Freewill to be Positive or Negative action is the Ultimate observation of where we will be allowed or sent once passing to the other side or dimension, or wherever it is they are. I must describe where I was as a ship.

When I see and hear attitudes like so many in ignorance and indoctrinated by the ignorant, the verse that comes to my mind most now is about, But Lord, we went forward in Your name and are told, depart from me for I never knew you. Thus, for the sake of eternal life somewhere, it behooves everyone to STUDY and show yourselves approved. Christ through Paul did not say, Study the upcoming Canon or the King James Bible and show yourselves approved. The Prophets did not say, Study the Torah and show yourselves approved, they said STUDY and SHOW yourselves approved.

These instructions started thousands of years ago.  These instructions were given in the time of the Prophets and in the time of Christ, and hundreds of years before King James developed the King James Bible in his power struggle with the Church.  Evangelicals / Fundamentalist and Protestants and Catholics do NOT study and most do not even know of the Council of Nicene, 325AD.  Because of Ignorance and indoctrination by power seeking leaders and ignorant leaders these who choose to stay ignorant also listen to Propaganda Religious News Networks for interpretation of the King James or other from the point of view of the Propaganda Networks. I know. I am 55 and have been tolerant or tolerated in those churches all my life. If you STUDY, you will discover that the ones who created us are powerful enough to be creation and evolution. Creation and Evolution are the same.

The Ones who created us have many names on different continents. But small minds and wolves in sheep's clothing do not give the Ones who created us proper credit or respect. I have learned more in the last three years on History Channel one and two than in 55 years in many Protestant, Baptist, and Catholic Churches through the Southeast as well as hanging with friends from a Synagogue and a Masque in Atlanta and I am well versed.

Any time you have to take an oath to a religious covenant to be a member you have joined a cult of religion. Seek the Spirit of the One we Believers in this nation call Christ.  Believer is Very Different that Fundamentalist Christians - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

I only discovered the History Channel and History Channel2 in 2010. Many of those shows and or documentaries have helped me to understand much of what I experienced on July 14, 1997. Through watching many of these shows weekly, Especially Ancient Aliens, they have helped me understand what I experienced on the other side so much more than my 55 years of Biblical study in church and with what are consider top pastors around the world. These History Channel guys have NO idea how close much of their theory is to reality, the truth, what I experienced while on the other side in 1997.

The Ten Lost Books of the Bible, Books Banned from the Bible, God and Satan, The History of Hell, and many others. Every day I process a little more of what I saw on the other side. I get very emotional when trying to write down these events, which makes it hard to write or discuss. What happened to me was in our year of 1997AD. These programs were produced many years later than what happened to me but they have more effect on what I saw and are much more in line with what I saw and have helped me understand much more than a complete life very active in Church and several completed readings of the Bible in my life.

For Example, The Book of Mary speaks of our Journey. When I heard this from a documentary on the Books Banned from the Bible, I sat up and paid more attention because it was so much in line with what I experienced.

Ancient Aliens Series; Much of what I saw on the other side I do not discuss with anyone because of the absolute inability and unwillingness of others to understand or believe what I am talking about. They do not have the faith to believe that the one they "supposedly" uphold as All powerful can be so much.

There is so much more to discuss like Positive and Negative interventions into my life after my returning to this side. As for the most negative actions against me in 2001, the key was to pray without ceasing while seeking assistance from my Endocrinologist and Cardiologist and the research by my wife. My wife discovered an issue one night in one way and in my next day meeting with my cardiologist and later that same day with my endocrinologist each had discovered the same intervention and the same as my wife had discovered. In September 2001, a stranger in a CVS Store in Kennesaw Georgia had approached us while we were shopping and picking up prescriptions and recommended that I take high volume of two particular herbs to increase my immune system. The herbs were offered on the shelves in CVS so we did not question the herbs Echinacea and Goldenseal and I took them as instructed by the stranger in high volume for over 90 days. For more information on these terrible herbs for ingestion do a Google search and read. They were not designed for internal ingestion. These supposedly immune healing herbs were removed from my lifestyle on December 11, 2001. After about 110 days of detoxification, life became much better but it took a couple of years to get past the fear they created. We have always felt the stranger was no human and intervened to stop the clarity of what I was remembering from the other side and worse. Not room here for that. Thus the need for a book.

I and my wife June have been under attack in this life ever since I returned from the other side. You could say I was under attack and ended up on the other side. I do not know why I was sent back. I personally see no positive influence or assistance that I have been able to supply to anyone.

But, I do know that it is something important, otherwise we would not be under the extreme attack for a day let alone since 1997. There are many things and events in our lives that do not happen in a normal life. Any individual thing that has happened to us in this time may happen to anyone but the volume and extremes of these events happening to the same two people day after day is an event in itself. There is a story that must be told and someone from the other side does not want this story told. I suspect that someone to be the Prosecutor. I carry strength, confidence, a positive mental attitude, a strong work ethic, and have a very strong faith. I will not be broken. Maybe my willingness to argue with the dark voice is why I was chosen. But someone must help us find financial resolution to living in order for this story to be told.

Chance Meetings?
Meeting the two people below is extreme confirmation to each of us of what we saw on the other side and because of that I am now willing to discuss or write in detail of what I have remembered from consciousness forward as well as speaking engagements. Remember, time is a creation for us, not for the ones who created us. They exist everywhere BUT do not exist within time. They do not travel through time. They are just not affected by time.

A lady from Northern California that I had never met on this side came into my business in Dandridge Tennessee in 2010 with other people and her husband and their building contractor. They were building a new multi-million dollar cabin on nearby Douglas Lake. As she walked into my business she looked at me and said strongly, I know you, I know your face. She studied me for about five minutes. She asked me if I had ever died. I did not respond. She gave me the date and time and what we were doing and where we were. The people she was with that day in my building were in disbelief with their mouths wide open. With my wife June emotionally shaken and walked over and grabbing my arm I spoke and advised the lady that at about that exact time, with no medical equipment around me, I was laying dead on a gurney in a hallway at Kennestone hospital in Georgia. She said, I also was dead around that same time and went on to tell her story. Remember, time is of importance only to the species on Earth and the ones who created us and their location is not affected by time. I have actual confirmation from a stranger from the other side of the nation. What are the chances of that?

At the National Association of Broadcasters conventions in Las Vegas in 2006, (NAB 2006), a photojournalist from Southern California that I had never met on this side came by my booth. I was not able to walk away and make notes. He said he recognized me from the other side. There were people with him and my staff with me in and around our NAB booth and other convention guests around my booth listening. Initially I did not respond. In excitement and emotion he went on to tell me he was a photojournalist and that he had gone to a site to shoot video and did not wait for the other people to arrive. I believe it was a high voltage sub-station but cannot remember. He told me he was hit by over 480 volts of electricity and lay dead for approximately an hour before being found. He told me about being revived. He briefly discussed what he saw on the other side. I then acknowledged that I had died and yes, I had been on the other side. He then asked me where we were. I hesitated, then gave him a few riddle facts of my experience. He understood the riddle and went on to discuss in detail a little of what he saw. I acknowledged his comments and gave more detail of the ship. He was a large man, blonde hair, and in tears. I felt the same.  Yes, Finally, someone to re-affirm his experience! I had life long friends working in the booth with me who heard the conversation. At this point he and I both knew we had confirmation that we were not crazy and we both became less reluctant to discuss what had happened on the other side. I gave him a link and he later read these page and he thanked me for these pages and to let me know that he understood and that I was not alone. Reading these pages and some of my other articles were a great help to him. He had lay dead for an extended period before being found. What are the chances?

There are 310 million people in the United States alone. The chances of meeting one of these two people let alone two of the many people I saw over there is exponential.

I really appreciate the documentaries on the International History Channel, History2, NGC, Green Channel, and others on articles like; Ancient Aliens - (I wish I could meet some of those guys and also to discuss with Barbara Walters her special on Heaven), The Ten Lost Books of the Bible, Books Banned from the Bible, God and Satan, and many others. Every day I process a little more of what I saw on the other side. I get very emotional when trying to write down these events, which makes it hard to write or discuss. What happened to me was in our year of 1997AD. These programs were produced many years later than what happened to me but they have more effect on what I saw and are much more in line with what I saw and have helped me understand much more than a complete life very active in Church and several complete readings of the Bible in my life.

For Example, The Book of Mary speaks of our Journey. When I heard this I sat up and paid more attention because it was so much in line with what I experienced.

Ancient Aliens Series; Much of what I saw I do not discuss with anyone because of the absolute inability and unwillingness of others to understand or believe what I am talking about.

From birth brought up in an Appalachian mountain church and surrounding churches

  • Chose to follow Christ in late teens
  • Sinned, (done something ugly or against God's teaching's) every day of my life since. Sin, introduced to Germania by missionaries and translated to a word better understood as something that would cause a fine. Thus, the creation of counting beads.
  • Baptized in Cosby Creek in late teens. Cosby Creek is in the Smokey Mountains between Newport TN and Gatlinburg TN
  • Very, very poor, grew up on and working a small farm, indoor plumbing at 12, healthy, worked out, weight in check, active, thought I was eating properly.

It is the other thing that went on during this time that is important.
Many may scoff, especially our educated and uneducated pastors. (There is a big difference between a pastor who elected his profession and has been "educated in theology" verses a pastor that is truly called of God, educated in Theology, and influenced by what we call the Holy Spirit, or simply influenced by the Holy Spirit)  And this does NOT included those little Roosters who discover they can get paid $50.00 for a wedding.  All of a sudden they are called to preach.  Wife, get the kids on the front row, do some poor talking and we might get a love offering!  They can put on a good show, Laughable to those who know them.

  • There is definitely another side beyond our material realm
  • There is definitely a good and a bad
  • There is definitely a battle for your soul
  • You do answer for every second of your life
  • The one we know and study as Christ has many names and the beings that made us created creationism and evolution as one and the same.
  •  December 1997, Metro Knoxville Tennessee, a Tara second after my father died he appeared with me in my car in Metro Atlanta. I was driving my wife and I home from her mother and fathers house. He began speaking with me in my head and over a couple of minutes showed me many things. A life time of information to unscramble. I literally had to just pull over into a ditch along the road until he was finished. This visit was an Extreme Blessing! When I pulled back onto the road and arrived home minutes later, while unlocking my door I could hear my phone ringing. I picked up the phone and Before Anything was said to me, I advised my brothers on the telephone that Dad had just left me and I already knew he was dead. Even though they were hysterical that dad was dead, if truthful, they should remember this comment. Another book.

If, through Faith Proven by Works,  you have TRULY accepted who Believers reference as Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Heart you are forgiven, but everything is not as is "officially interpreted" from today's versions of the Bible.   Believers are NOT the same as today's Fundamentalist who fill the Christian Catholic and Protestant church pews.  A good reference is the Book by President Jimmy Carter, Our Endangered Values, Chapter 3.  Plus, remember, many will say Lord, Lord, but the one we call Christ will say, go away, I never knew you. 

What about those who have never heard what we Christians reference as the Gospel or what is used in His many other names?  A positive answer and Another Book.

Belief must be through Faith
If you have accepted to believe and follow the one we call Christ you are what we call forgiven and on the way to what we know as Heaven instead of what we call Hell, and I am very thankful.

A Christian song goes, "All sins are washed away", and many people intentionally do bad things using this thought as protection, claiming the word salvation thinking they are covered.  NOT.  I am at a loss of words to really explain, but, You still have to review Your entire life. It is Not pleasant.  And, there was a battle that went on for my soul between what we call my winning heavenly angels and those of what we call the tossed angel or attorney general.  They are at war.

Why I was sent back here is unknown to me
What is definite is that absolutely nothing material of this world matters. Yes, we need food and shelter, but I cannot express strongly enough that Absolutely Nothing we know as material exists in this next and eternal life. Just Love.

6 months after the heart attacks and flat line :

  • 4X bypass
  • Wonderful wife forced from a 25 year executive carrier at ING and position with LOMA to permanent LTD and a serious lifestyle change for us both weeks before my experience at Kennestone hospital.  We have lost everything.  Her LTD Insurer from New England Used ERIS Law as a chastity belt to refuse her benefits.  Look up ERISA!  If your Long Term  LTD plan is paid for by your employer the Long Term part is worthless.
  • I managed to keep my business phones on, the web site up, and the doors open. We have eaten a lot of chicken feathers.
  • I am not a fanatic and am far from perfect
  • I understand the difference between material that will go away and my soul.
  • My soul is more important to me than the opinion of others, nationality, race, religious beliefs, or heritage.
  • We are strong enough to take a stand and make a difference.
  • Accept that we do not understand “Time”.

If you are placing your eternity in the hands of a power and money hungry preacher or pastor you alone are to blame. Wake up and start asking questions! I will tell you this; what we call salvation is through a life changing experience through the heart and MUST include the one we know as Jesus Christ in one of his many names. When I was across I was shown both sides and recognized some in what we reference as the journey to Hell.   I was asked to do something for them and I referenced Lazarus and the words of Christ when He told the rich ruler, If they will not hear my prophets they will not hear you. Helmet, Shield, Sword. My path was the better journey but I was sent back here. Another similar story here from my Dad after he died.  Another book.  To date I do not see that I have been a positive asset to the Kingdom of Heaven or to my wife and do not understand why I was sent back.

On another note as I watch society, I have so much to explain to those contemplating suicide over a girl / boyfriend or mate or finances. You are worth so much more and the ones we call God and the Beings that created us have a plan for you that requires your FREEWILL decisions. You may not be a President answering to the 2% but your path can be better. Consider being a pawn on our Creators Chessboard. The 2% cannot compete with that. Ours is not the riches and power of men but the Kingdom of Heaven and without what we call time. Most of the most wealthy, the Pharisees, and the Money Changers and the Centurions Will NOT be in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Most of the hundreds of thousands of people who have visited my web site since I started this post around the year 2000 really appreciate the Bible verse at the bottom of the home page, Really. We received many encouraging comments as well as the very occasional complaint, usually from someone under conviction.  We are strong enough to take a stand and make a difference.

So that everyone understands: I wanted and needed your business, but the Bible verse on the web site stayed.  You could say that I gladly supply product and service to you without regard to race, religion, sex, or opinion.

Please pass forward, and if you know a good publisher...Help!

Teaser - Another Book:

The night my dad died in Metro Knoxville Tennessee, within a Tara second he came to visit with me in Metro Atlanta.  This was an Extreme Blessing and is a Rare Event Worldwide.  It was a couple of days before Christmas 1997 and I was driving my wife and I home from our Christmas with her mother and father.  We rotate the holidays.  At the corner of an intersection less than 10 minutes from my house in Metro Atlanta Dad was talking to me as if he was in the car with me.  It shook me and I pulled over into a ditch area off of the road and just sit there and listened.  He was crying profusely and started by apologizing for being a minion of physical and work abuse against me throughout my childhood.  He was also apologizing for the massive favoritisms against me.  He apologized for many things done to me and to my wife and I by immediate family. Since a child I have worked very hard all of my life and have never wasted my money and have a real home I bought through hard work.  And the children of these family members live a life their parents have filled with lies and extreme spins on truth. Every family has them. 

The Real Teaser.  The communication from my Dad changed to showing me the destiny of all those involved in intentional treachery and cheating against my wife and I.  I could see them and several others on the other side, across the divided crying and pleading for just one more chance.  Then my dad changed to a more intense communication that according to my wife lasted about 4 minutes.  I can only describe it as like a beam of intense blush light going into my brain.  I will be deciphering this information for as long as I live.  Some times I witness things that happen and immediately related it to something my dad had piped into my head.

Please pass forward, and if you know a good publisher...Help!

Red and Yellow, Black and White, They are Precious in His Sight.

Ronnie (Ron) L. Rathbone

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No Apologist


The Path


Why Do Bad Things

Rain on the Windshield

Love and Fear



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Ron L. Rathbone

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