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Battery Rebuilding Advances to a New Level:

Knoxville, Tennessee: Rathbone Energy, Inc., a HubZone certified Corporation located near Knoxville Tennessee, exceeds broadcast industry standards by using Panasonic P500DR nickel cadmium battery cells assembled into battery inserts for Rathbone's heavier broadcast type battery rebuilding (also called recelling) needs. These high quality nickel cadmium cells greatly surpass any in the broadcast industry today offering:

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  • True fast charge
  • High discharge rate
  • High charge discharge cycles
  • Great durability
  • Ability to handle heat better than any battery cell since the now defunct GEXP60 (Heat is damaging on all cells)
Combine all the above with Rathbone Energy’s newly developed battery opening and welding techniques and recelling process for Rathbone's new broadcast nickel cadmium news battery insert and you will receive better value and performance than with the original battery insert.

Depending on the type of broadcast battery rebuilt, this advanced recell technology allows most heavier broadcast nickel cadmium type batteries to be rebuilt with higher quality cells for less than 50% of the cost of a new replacement battery. With proper tools and Rathbone's expertise, the company's battery cases can be easily reopened and closed allowing for battery insert replacement for years to come.

In the business of rechargeable batteries since 1989, Rathbone Energy supplies multiple chemical types. Primary batteries include Panasonic alkalines comparable to Duracell and Energizer at affordable pricing. Rathbone Energy also recells original nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries.

Rathbone Energy is an Original Equipment Manufacturer-Value Added (OEM-V) and Value Added Reseller (VAR) custom manufacturer and wholesaler of dry cell rechargeable and primary assembly battery packs and battery analyzer charging systems for any industry. Rebuilding broadcast news type batteries is a specialty. Each battery assembly is built to order with the newest and best cells available.

Knowing that a constant trickle charge can cause premature breakdown of the insulator between cell plates, Rathbone Energy sells only Cadex, Christie, and PAG Analyzers for the best possible care of it's battery cells. New PAG batteries are also available for sale. Consultation and design of Battery Packs and Specialty Charger Systems is available For Fee.

Rathbone’s website offers valuable information including broadcast battery FAQs, Battery Value Worksheet, Battery Handbook and articles. And to help with Rathbone's value comparison and purchasing decision, comparative Manufacturers’ Cell and Product Specification Sheets are available.

For complete product, broadcast battery facts and FAQs visit Rathbone at


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