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Upgrade Your Anton Bauer Batteries, IDX Endura Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, Generic, or Other Batteries and Chargers to Rathbone Energy Broadcast Lithium Ion Batteries and Chargers Today! 

During these Trying Economic Times are You Looking Harder for High Quality Built, High Performance, Lithium Ion High Capacity Broadcast Batteries at Substantially Lower Cost and Better Value?

For very good reasons and and after 23 plus years, Rathbone Energy no longer rebuilds the below listed batteries from Anton Bauer Batteries, IDX Endura Batteries, or any manufacturer listed below.  This decision to no longer rebuild with any available nickel cadmium battery cell or with nickel metal hydride from any available battery cell manufacturer LAID OFF 15 employees here and WAS NOT a small decision.  However, our own line of Rathbone Broadcast Lithium Ion Batteries introduced in 2009 has taken off very well.

Broadcast Battery Rebuilding by The Professionals verses Amateurs and Chain / Franchise Store Amateurs, especially with Lithium Ion

Even though these come and go Rebuild / Recell / Refill want to be's use Rathbone Battery Reference Library PDF white sheets as a guideline, they still do not understand the electronics and battery cells and are still amateurs spinning facts to be misleading.  No matter what you are told, quality battery cells are also not available so Do NOT do a Rebuild, Recell, or Refill!  Explained in short on down this page.  These amateurs trying to recell or refill Anton Bauer, especially any Dionic Series, do not even understand or use the 2702 with DDM and cannot confirm that the battery is functioning properly.  From a battery assembler, what these amateurs are doing is very dangerous and these are very dangerous opportunists risking you and your equipment!  DO NOT DO A RECELL OR REFILL, EVER!


Rathbone Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries - V Mount Batteries and Gold Mount Batteries for Broadcast-Cinema-Film-Production comparable to Gold Mount Dionic Batteries, V Mount IDX Batteries, and V Mount Sony BP Lithium Ion Batteries.  500 Discharge Cycles

In Short:

Nickel Cadmium battery cells are environmentally unfriendly. Thanks to International Environmental Concerns and the good laws of other countries, our battery cell manufacturers have already started to phase nickel cadmium from their manufacturing lines.  Panasonic did so in 2005. Sanyo started their depletion in 2008.  You cannot use nickel cadmium battery cells and be green or promote yourself as environmentally friendly.  Rathbone Energy is an Environmentally Conscious Company striving to stay Green. Having our own line of lithium ion broadcast battery packs, Rathbone Energy has phased out battery assembly and also battery rebuilding using nickel cadmium, no longer supporting the rebuild of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) nickel cadmium battery products in any market.  Being the only Battery Assembler Worldwide that supports rebuilding battery packs, we understand that this will create a hardship on those invested in nickel cadmium products but we offer our Upgrade and great alternative.

Nickel Metal Hydride: Panasonic stopped production of small cell nickel metal hydride cells in 2009 and in a restructure mode, Sanyo Battery followed.  If I could find Panasonic or Sanyo nickel metal hydride battery cells through Panasonic, Sanyo, or another Valued Added distributor, (who by the way have $5,000.00 minimum orders), the date codes on the cells would be too old and  unacceptable for premium capacity ratings. Chinese and South African/Chinese battery cells under any private label name have an average 200 discharge cycles, immediate battery cell deterioration, and cell leakage which will damage circuit boards and components.  We do NOT do Chinese cells.

LifePo4 - September 01, 2011: I started work on this product in 2007,  I will write a white page on why we continue to elect not to assemble this chemical battery and why the battery pack manufacturers we work with refuse to work with this chemical, and what my colleagues in the EV field and I experience when running extensive test on this chemical from existing manufacturers of the cell.  I wanted to introduce this pack in early 2008 but for the expectations of myself and industry colleagues that actually manufacturer battery packs and chargers, it is not practical or ready.  I have been approached by most if not all of the manufacturers of the cell for a long time wanting me to consider it for Broadcast batteries and other versions for EV research.  I have to say no and tell them why without giving out our experience and research information for free.  This has been very frustrating to me because I was looking forward to using this cell.


Our Position on Nickel Cadmium Batteries and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Why We Have Phased Them Out PDF  Plus, You cannot be a Green or Environmentally Friendly Company and still be using Nickel Cadmium Battery Cells.

Rathbone Energy also rebuilds / recells aftermarket or generic broadcast and film batteries from defunct companies, even those who frequently open and close their doors under the same or different names, some claming many consecutive years in business.

We replace their third world or brand name low end "economical - high capacity" cells with

  •  Brand name highest quality cells
  •  Greatest detail in battery pack assembly
  •  Proper and professional building procedure
  •  At the most affordable price
  •  With detailed product descriptions, white pages, packing slips, and invoices
  •  Cell manufacturers specification sheets
  • Amateur Work Examples
  • Stable Vendor

Your Best Value: Rathbone Energy

Rebuild: Premium Work and Cells

Recell / Refill: Our Economy "Sack and Save" Lines Discontinued

Your alternative:

Do not be fooled! We have seen so many broadcast battery recelling companies close, open again, silently close again, come back under a different name, and then close again. They always come back with a crafty spin, gimmicks, cheap prices, and plugging brand names like, "Sanyo", while using cheap, or brand name low end economical cells.   Or promoting off brand names as if they are proven.  Showing a multi-story facility does not mean you own that facility, just that you have high enough margins on low quality cells to rent space in that facility.

We are not a start up company!  Through all of our own challenges we have kept our doors open consistently for your business since 1989. Our FAQ sheets supply you with total detail on every item we assemble and specifications for every cell available as well as what to look for in a good vendor and a bad vendor.

"Spin" is cheap, like the old saying about BS walks....  Read the actual manufacturers cell specifications on your cell options for that battery pack!. 

  1. We Do NOT use third world / Chinese "factory new", "brand name" low end "economical - high capacity" cells in our Premium Lines.  They have a very degrading discharge curve, less charge discharge cycles, leak, and the leaking damages your circuitry. So, you can get a great price and really get what you paid for!

  2. We turn our inventory on an average of every four weeks.

  3. All battery packs and inserts are built to order in our Tennessee facility by Highly trained technicians with several quality control measures.

  4. We buy factory direct using ONLY Enersys Hawker for dry cell lead acid, LG Chem, Panasonic and Sanyo's Best Available Battery cells for lithium ion (Never Good or Better options), and Sanyo for Nickel Cadmium (Nickel Cadmium is now a mute point). 

    1. For Nickel Cadmium battery packs we use the very best nickel cadmium sintered positive electrode rapid charge battery cells when they are available from Sanyo (Mute point).

      1. Otherwise we use Sanyo's very best Press Negative nickel cadmium battery cells available.

    2. Panasonic dropped manufacture of large nickel cadmium battery cells in mid 2005.

    3. Rumor has it that Panasonic may also be moving their manufacturing facilities back to Japan and the US.

Rathbone Energy, Inc.

  • Custom builds PDQ, (very quick).
  • Uses ONLY the very best battery cell options available from each respected cell manufacturer, (LG Chem, Panasonic, Saft, and Sanyo), Exceeding Industry Standards in battery cell packs.
  • Gives NO spin on battery cells, just the spec sheets of all options. No "Factory New" or "Brand Name" without supporting spec sheets.
  • Supplies all brand name manufacturers cell specification sheets on our web site for your peace of mind.  See our FAQ's
  • Backs up our product claims on our web site, promotions, packing slips, and invoices in black and white with detailed item descriptions supported by manufacturers battery cell specification sheets.  No vague, generalized, or just wrong air pollution
  • Takes NO short-cuts in the assembly of your battery packs.  In fact we Exceed assembly standards.  See our FAQ''s.
  • Supplies an FAQ sheet designed especially for your market that should answer all your questions about rebuilding your battery packs and about vendor quality.
  • Guaranties our work and the cells we use.

At, on each premium product item, we tell you exactly what cell we use, and for true comparison, we provide links to ALL the better brand name cell manufacturers cell options for your confirmation.  Each manufacturer, like Panasonic, Saft, and Sanyo, usually has more than one cell choice and each is different in quality and price.  Please see our FAQ link in the next section of this page for complete details.

We cannot emphasize enough the need for you to browse our Broadcast Battery FAQ's.

A SBA Certified Pro-Net HubZone Empowered company.

If on an outside chance you have found a battery assembler or a battery pack rebuilder that offers everything we do in: cell selection, building your battery pack, efforts in safety, detailed black and white specification sheets, packing slips, and invoices, you have just found the web site and reason why.

The more you are accurately informed the more you will appreciate

Please bookmark and pass this page along to all your affiliates, colleagues, broadcast news, and engineering decision makers with a "Thumbs Up".  Thank you for your business.



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