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Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries Position on Rebuilding Broadcast Batteries like IDX Endura Batteries, Rebuilding Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, or any Generic Broadcast Battery:

IDX Endura Broadcast Batteries V-Mount

Upgrade to Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries from 65WH to 795WH, Comparable to New IDX Endura Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries and far ahead of generic batteries or amateur – franchise recell / refills.

  1. We will NOT rebuild the IDX Endura Batteries V Mount or Power Cube batteries.  Instead Upgrade to New Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries for Broadcast and Film Lithium Ion BP V Mount Series Batteries Comparable IDX Endura batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP batteries and well above generic batteries or amateur recell / refills. Email: or call: 865-484-1783 
  2. There are parts in these IDX Endura Broadcast Batteries and other V Mount batteries that must be ripped from the cell to which they are welded and then again welded to a new cell.  Most amateurs use solder and a very few have a very cheap welder.
  3. Amateur battery rebuilding fly by's damage these parts in the removal process from the existing packs.
  4. The shell is fish paper thin plastic at or less than 1/8" in thickness and too thin for rebuilding.
  5. The shell is always severely damaged when opening these fish paper thin cases and after re-close of the case the cosmetics of the case are not less than terrible.
  6. Also because the spring tension metal contacts are bent in the opening process they do not properly fit the charger or camera adaptor.
  7. We have been contacted by several guys running these Battery Recelling / Rebuilding / Refill fly by’s or franchises wanting to purchase cells through us. 
    1. These guys make a lot of money!  They are paying +/- .70 per cell for Chinese cells, under many names, used in the inserts built for them where we would be paying +/- $6.20 per cell for high end cells from the best manufacturers.  
    2. Some buy in bulk from VAR’s who have left-over stock reduced in price for fast movement.  Cells that are old, many times defunct models, and have been sitting on the shelf for long periods, (even years) of time. 
    1. Manufacturers engineering specification sheets show a possible battery cell shelf life of up to ten years IF the cells are properly stored. 
    2. Understand that even though you will get performance out of a properly stored two year old cell, you will not get peak or optimum performance.  And most battery packs are never properly stored.
    3. March 2009: I am aware of a station right now that has 35 dead Dionic 90 batteries that new, were shelved, never taken from the box, and according to the Chief Engineer, are now dead.  He just replaced them with 28 Rathbone Lithium Ion Batteries.
  1. We will NOT rebuild your IDX Endura or other V Mount battery.
  2. We will use ONLY the very best cells available and usually greatly exceeding OEM standards in our Rathbone Energy Broadcast Battery Packs.
  3. We purchase ONLY LG Chem, Panasonic, and Sanyo Li-ION cells.  We purchase only the higher durability of those cells and then the highest amperage of the higher durability.
  4. The damage these fly-by guys do to the fine art of rebuilding / recelling batteries is ugly.  On a regular basis we hear feedback that goes something like: “Yea, we had some of our batteries rebuilt / recelled once, real cheap, and after that they were C _ _ p.  We won’t do that again.  The life cycles only lasted a short time, the performance per cycle was reduced, and the battery never quite fit the charger or equipment properly. ”
    1. The improper fit is because the fly-by damaged the components in removing them from the old insert and poor installation to the new insert.
  1. These type vendors place a bad name on a great alternative to new packs in other industries.  
  2. Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries specifications meet and exceed OEM specifications and the warranty.  In this industry you really do get what you pay for.
  3. Lately we have noticed some cheaper off the shelf OEM alternative batteries that are made in China with Chinese cells.  We would never recommend them.
  4. Note: When you buy new laptops buy ALL of your additional OEM laptop batteries at the time of purchase.  Stay away from aftermarket or recell of laptop batteries for all the same reasons and more not listed.
  5. Stay away from Power Tool battery rebuilds for the same reasons.

Upgrade Your New or Old Broadcast Batteries like IDX Endura Batteries, IDX Power Cube Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, or Generic Batteries and Chargers to Rathbone Energy Broadcast Lithium Ion Batteries and Chargers Today! 

REFILL RECELL REBUILD: Even though these come and go Rebuild / Recell / Refill want to be's use Rathbone Energy Battery Reference Library PDF white sheets as a guideline, they still do not understand the electronics and battery cells and are still amateurs spinning facts to be misleading.  No matter what you are told, quality battery cells are also not available so Do NOT do a Rebuild, Recell, or Refill!  Explained in short on down this page.   These amateurs trying to recell or refill Anton Bauer, especially any Dionic Series, do not even understand or use the 2702 with DDM and cannot confirm that the battery is functioning properly.  From a battery assembler, what these amateurs are doing is very dangerous and these are very dangerous opportunists risking you and your equipment!  On the V Mount Batteries they damage the spring tension of the power contacts and more.  DANGER, DANGER! DO NOT DO A RECELL OR REFILL, EVER!  If it were still a viable alternative I would not have laid of 18 highly skilled electronics employees who did nothing but rebuild batteries.


Rathbone Lithium Ion Broadcast Battery Group

Rebuilding IDX Endura Batteries PDF

Battery Cell Leakage

MSDS Sheet for Rathbone Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries

Power Tool Batteries

Amateur Work Examples

Thank you for thinking of me.


Ron L. Rathbone

Newport, TN 37821

865-484-1783 Office  (Strictly Broadcast Batteries) (Detailed Product Information for infinite industries)  (On-Line Broadcast Store with On-line Specials)

There's a better way - - when cell quality is paramount.

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