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Product No. PAGlok connector/RTI Camera Model No. Notes
9522-50 PAGlok connector AG-DP800 DVCPRO Camcorder
9522-12 PAGlok connector Beta Cam CCD
9522-45 PAGlok connector BVM-9045 Monitor
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-1 With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-20 PAGlok connector BVP-3/30 Combo (Horizontal battery fitting)
9522-20 PAGlok connector BVP-3/3A Combo (Horizontal battery fitting)
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-30 With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-300
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-330
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-3A With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-5 With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-11 PAGlok connector BVP-5 Combo (Horizontal battery fitting)
9522-10 PAGlok connector BVP-50 With/CA-3/30 Adaptor
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVP-701 SP' Betacam
9522-23 PAGlok connector BVV-1 Dockable Beta Recorder
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVV-5 Dockable 'SP' Recorder.
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-200
9799-01 RTI BVW-200
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-200P
9799-01 RTI BVW-300
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-300P
9522-34 PAGlok connector BVW-35 bag was 9504
9522-36 PAGlok connector BVW-35p bag was 9525/1
9799-01 RTI BVW-400
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-400P
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-503A 'SP' Beta Cam
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-505 'SP' Beta Cam
9799-02 RTI BVW-505 BVP5 camera
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-507 'SP' Beta Cam
9799-02 RTI BVW-507 BVP7 camera
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-530 'SP' Beta Cam
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-550 'SP' Beta Cam
9799-02 RTI BVW-550 BVP50 camera
9799-02 RTI BVW-570 BVP70 camera
9799-02 RTI BVW-590 BVP90 camera
9522-05 PAGlok connector BVW-D600 Betacam SP Camcorder
9799-01 RTI BVW-D600
9522-05 PAGlok connector Combo SP Recorder
9522-47 PAGlok connector DNV-5 Requires PAGlok connector 5 to make adaptor
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNV-5 SX Dockable Recorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNW-7P Betacam SX Camcorder
9799-08 RTI DNW-7P SX
9799-08 RTI DNW-7P SX
9799-17 RTI DNW-7P SX Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNW-9 Betacam SX Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNW-90P Betacam SX Camcorder
9799-08 RTI DNW-90P SX
9799-08 RTI DNW-90P SX Camcorder
9799-17 RTI DNW-90P SX Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNW-90WSP Betacam SX Camcorder
9799-08 RTI DNW-90WSP SX
9799-08 RTI DNW-90WSP SX Camcorder
9799-17 RTI DNW-90WSP SX Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DNW-A100P Dockable Digital Hybrid Recorder
9799-09 RTI DSR-130 DXC-D30 with DSR-1 recorder.
9522-05 PAGlok connector DSR-130P Camcorder Option DXC-D30P and DSR-1P Digital R
9522-05 PAGlok connector DSR-1P Dockable Digital Recorder
9522-47 PAGlok connector DSR-300 Also requires 9522:5 for adaptor
9522-58 PAGlok connector DSR-300 Camcorder
9522-58 PAGlok connector DSR-500 Camcorder
9522-47 PAGlok connector DVW-700 Requires PAGlok connector 9522:5 to make adpator
9522-51 PAGlok connector DVW-700 Camcorder
9799-03 RTI DVW-700P
9522-51 PAGlok connector DVW-707 Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DVW-709 Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector DVW-790 Camcorder
9522-07 PAGlok connector DXC-3000
9522-14 PAGlok connector DXC-3000AP
9522-05 PAGlok connector DXC-325P
9522-05 PAGlok connector DXC-327P
9799-07 RTI DXC-537 With PVV1 Recorder
9522-41 PAGlok connector DXC-537P With Camera Adaptor CA-537P
9799-07 RTI DXC-637 With PVV-3 recorder.
9522-05 PAGlok connector DXC-637P With Adaptor CA-327P
9522-05 PAGlok connector DXC-637P with SP Recorder
9522-41 PAGlok connector DXC-637P With Camera Adaptor CA-537P
9522-05 PAGlok connector DXC-D30P with Camera Adaptor CA-327P
9522-41 PAGlok connector DXC-D30P With Camera Adaptor CA-537P
9799-06 RTI DXC-D30P With PVV-3 recorder.
9522-08 PAGlok connector DXC-M3
9522-10 PAGlok connector DXC-M3A
9522-14 PAGlok connector DXC-M7
9522-05 PAGlok connector EVV-9000P Dockable Hi8 Recorder
9522-05 PAGlok connector EVW-300 Camcorder
9522-51 PAGlok connector HDW-F900 SX Dockable Camcorder - High Definition
9522-45 PAGlok connector PVM-6041QM Monitor
9522-00 PAGlok connector PVM-9021 Monitor-can not be PAGlok connectored
9522-45 PAGlok connector PVM-9041QM Monitor
9522-45 PAGlok connector PVM-9044QM Monitor
9522-05 PAGlok connector PVV-1A Dockable Recorder
9522-05 PAGlok connector PVV-1P
9522-05 PAGlok connector PVV-3P Dockable SP2000PRO Recorder
9522-05 PAGlok connector PVW-637P Camcoder Option DXC-637P and PVV-3P
9522-05 PAGlok connector PVW-D30P Camcorder Option DXC-D30P and PVV-3P
9522-64 PAGlok connector SX-DVW Heavy Duty V-Lock
9522-05 PAGlok connector UVW-100 Camcorder
9799-14 RTI UVW-100 Camcorder
9522-10 PAGlok connector with/CA-3 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector with/CA-30 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector with/CA-300 Adaptor
9522-10 PAGlok connector with/CA-330 Adaptor
9522-41 PAGlok connector with/CA-537P


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