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Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries Distributor Pricing Quick Reference for Bulk Orders. 

Yes, Upgrade Your Broadcast Batteries Like Anton Bauer Batteries Dionic 90 Batteries Dionic 160 Batteries, IDX Batteries Endura Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, and Chinese - Generic brand batteries to Rathbone Energy Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries Today!


Rathbone = Quality, Price, and Value

Replace those Broadcast Batteries, Anton Bauer Batteries, Dionic Batteries, IDX Batteries Endura Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries and all those generic batteries with broadcast batteries from battery assembler Rathbone.  Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries Rechargeable Lithium Ion Broadcast Battery Packs for Film, and Cinematographer Camera Batteries fitting JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Red One, Epic, Scarlet, Steadicam or any product using the Anton Bauer Batteries Style Gold or Sony Batteries BP, IDX Batteries Endura, Red One Batteries Style V Mounting Systems.  And, of course, Rathbone Professional Battery Rebuilding Services.  Place your package or bulk order today! 

For distributors and box houses who call this battery assembler about taking on Rathbone Broadcast Batteries with your camera packages or Private Label, please crunch the numbers.  If each of your total battery orders is 20K or more each order paid up front like I must do on a much larger dollar number, not including chargers which are at my cost, I will give you an additional discount but my margins are extremely low and I need a minimum of that volume to give any more discount.  

I really could use more distributors.  Consider the quality of my product and how much money you would save per battery or make per battery and how much better your package quotes to your clients would be if you were offering my quality and name with your available shelf stock.  If I had enough volume distributors who were active and aggressive I would change end user pricing but until then it must stay as is.  Nonetheless, my quality and price places your bottom line in a much more attractive position.

In order: Most Popular Accessories, Chargers, Batteries, Payment, Distributors Note. Chargers are shown at cost. My price structure is easily sellable to the bean heads

  • V Mount Adaptor Plates: $54.00 each.

  • Gold Mount to V Mount Adaptors: $89.00 each. Every cameraman should keep these on hand!

  • P Tap Cords: $15.00 each.

  • Single Port Charger: $125.00 each when bought alone or $98.00 with a battery.

  • Additional 2 Port chargers are $278.00 when bought alone or at cost of $200.00 when added to a package.  The 2 Port is far more popular.

  • Additional 4 Port chargers are $519.00 when bought alone or at cost of $425.00 when added to a package of batteries. 

I am always working up a new manufacturing run so the sooner I receive your money and sales order the better for you. 

First money in is first product out.  We do not hold stock batteries or place orders into a manufacturing run on promised sales orders and promised money.  This will never change so please do not sit trying to wait us out because someone else will get those batteries.

Rathbone Energy Broadcast Batteries In Watt Hour order of 95WH, 130WH, 160WH, 200WH.

95WH  Gold Mount or V Mount Li-ON batteries

  • (1-3) units: $240.00 each

  • (4-7) units: $199.75 each

  • (8-11) units: $194.75 each

  • (12-20) units: $192.00 each

  • (21-55) units: $190.00 each

  • (56-112) units $188.00 each

Plus $10.00 handling plus freight.  

130WH  Gold Mount or V Mount Li-ON batteries

  • (1-3) units: $321.00 each

  • (4-7) units: $279.50 each

  • (8-11) units:$271.13 each

  • (12-20) units: $268.00 each

Plus $10.00 handling, Plus freight. 

160WH Gold Mount or V Mount or Red One V Mount Li-ON batteries

  • (1-3) units: $355.00 each

  • (4-7) units: $304.75 each

  • (8-11) units: $300.00 each

  • (12-20) units:$296.00 each

  • (21-55) units::$290.00 each

  • (56-112) units:$288.00 each

Plus $10.00 handling, Plus freight.  Please let me know as soon as you can. 

200WH Gold Mount or V Mount or Red One V Mount Li-ON batteries

This battery is for the serious SO clients or clients heading to extreme locations.  SO’s are now seriously needing specifically the 200WH units.

  • (1-3) units: $450.00 each

  • (4-7) units: $445.00 each

  • (8-11) units:$440.00 each

  • (12-20) units: $435.00 each

Plus $10.00 handling, Plus freight.  Please let me know as soon as you can. 

Call for more volume on 200WH.

Add a travel charger for $98.00 with a package of 2 batteries or more or $125.00 alone.

Add a 2X charger for $200.00 in a package or $278.00 alone.

Add a 4X charger for $425.00 in a package or $519.00 alone.

My V Mount and My Gold Mount are identical inside.  The inside technology of each battery is the Sony "Non-trademarked" V Mount Technology.  I have rebuilt Anton Bauer since 1989 and my experience and opinion is that The Anton Bauer Digital options are smothered in fragile components with nothing to do with the battery and everything to do with attempting to force you into an AB system.  My opinion on the marketing strategy and my experience from years of opening thousands of these Digital batteries for rebuilding.  Reference my V Mount PDF and Rebuilding Digitals PDF files on my home page.

REMEMBER: Compare our Rathbone Broadcast 95WH Gold Mount Style Batteries with the very best battery cells from Panasonic and LG Chem to the favorite son price of Anton Bauer Gold Mount or Sony BP V Mount Style Technology. 

Rathbone average price for a better quality and value 95WH Li-ON battery in quantities of four is a rough $199.75 each plus a Simultaneous Charge Lithium Ion Charger with a 4 Pin XLR Power Supply at cost!  On a 160WH, a rough $304.75 each plus the same charger offer!

Anton Bauer Average Favorite Son Price per Dionic 90 HC is $400.00, Dionic 90 - $350.00, Dionic 160 - $925.00,  Hytron 50 - $225.00, and Hytron 140 - $450.00 each.  An AB Charger is always extra. 

Note:  Lithium Ion does not rejuvenate in the customary way of nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride.  Your only purpose for an analyzer with a Lithium Ion battery is to monitor battery potential life and potential failure.  This from one who is a battery cell and battery analyzer engineer, not a widget buyer and marketer.  Also, there is no new battery pack technology related to broadcast on the horizon for some time.  Some widget buyers who promote themselves as manufacturers may market a new part number and hype / marketing spin but it will be a few years before small cell battery cell technology really changes.

How Do You Pay:

For freight, you supply your FedEx or UPS freight account number.  Let me know as soon as you can so I know what to do.


Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC.

143 Old Huff Hollow Road

Newport, TN 37821

On the back it would be nice to stamp or write:


Please email me a note any time you place a check in the mail to me so that I am aware.

865-484-1783 Office

Company Check.  Depends:  Computer printed and something to do with the bank itself that the check is on, they run 5 to 10 working days before the bank releases the funds to me so I can wire to the factory.

Delivery:  Current stock built; otherwise one day to three weeks after I receive your bank wire or check.

VISA and Terms.  I am sorry, non-negotiable.  Far from alone in this but I took over $14,000.00 in credit card charge backs from December 15, 2007 through March 31, 2008, plus the lost inventory totaling about $28,000.00 and a LOT of other issues back then created by these people.  These freelancers and stringers received their product an average of 3 months earlier.  Thieves.  A common thread was housing bubble, lost credit lines, reduced credit lines, needing room on their cards for a hotel, flight, etc, and this happened to all but the 1%.  I am still fighting with AMEX, MC, VISA, Discover, and Wachovia Bank.  Their attitude is: We know he owes you $1,200.00 but he owes us $12,000.00.  If we tell him he has to pay he will stiff us.  You are the vendor and you need us so you eat the bill. I had to pull the 15 year old merchant account and close an 18 year old bank account.  I am not alone on this, far from it.  I cannot believe the news industry is not on this and calling Capitol Hill.  This does not include the more honest terms clients who never paid or filled bankruptcy.  Thank little bush, dick, and their evil doers for those.  And then there are the bankruptcy clients and the due on receipt that pay in 90 days or longer.  No thanks, been there and done that and it hurt.  PayPal accepts credit cards so PayPal is also not an option. 

Back then people thought my comments on charge backs were outrageous.  Now there are hundreds of small business blogs discussing this frustration and not only are small business dropping credit cards, as of Summer 2012, large business are now also dropping credit cards.  Places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot who do mass volume hike up their prices a little to cover the loss of charge backs just like internal theft, shop lifting, and paper losses.  A small business must hike prices 300 to 400 percent to cover the loss.

Monday, September 24, 2012 01:06:07 PM

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