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About Laptop Batteries: 

  1. There are proprietary parts in these laptop batteries that must be ripped from the cell to which they are welded and then again welded to a new cell.  There is also usually a delicate smart foil that is always damaged.
  2. Amateur battery rebuilding fly by's damage these parts in the removal process from the existing packs.
  3. We have been contacted by several guys running these laptop recell fly by’s wanting to purchase cells through us. 
    1. These guys are paying +/- .70 per cell for Chinese cells where we would be paying +/- $3.20 per cell. 
    2. Some are buying low end Sanyo or Saft.  Others are buying LG, Toshiba or from a hundred plus other low end battery cell manufacturers.
    3. Some buy in bulk from VAR’s who have left-over stock reduced in price for fast movement. 

                                                    i.     These cells are old, many times defunked models, that have been sitting on the shelf for long periods, (even years) of time. 

    1. Manufacturers engineering specification sheets show a possible battery cell shelf life of up to two years IF the cells are properly stored. 
    2. Understand that even though you will get performance out of a properly stored two year old cell, you will not get peak or optimum performance.  And most were never properly stored.
  1. We will NOT rebuild your laptop batteries.
  2. For batteries that we consider worthy of rebuilding We will use ONLY the very best cells available and usually greatly exceeding OEM standards.
  3. We purchase ONLY Panasonic, Sanyo, and Saft cells.  We purchase only the higher durability of those cells and then the highest amperage of the higher durability.
  4. The damage these fly-by guys do to the fine art of recelling batteries is ugly.  On a regular basis we hear feedback that goes something like: “Yea, we had some of our laptop or tool batteries rebuilt / recelled once real cheap, and after that they were C _ _ p.  We won’t do that again.  The life cycles only lasted a short time, the performance per cycle was reduced, and the battery never quit fit the charger or tool properly. ”
    1. The improper fit is because the fly-by damaged the components in removing them from the old insert and poor installation to the new insert.
  5. These type vendors place a bad name on a great alternative to new packs in other industries.  
  6. Our specifications meet and exceed OEM specifications and the warranty.  In this industry you really do get what you pay for.
  7. Lately we have noticed some cheaper off the shelf OEM alternative batteries that are made in China with Chinese cells.  We would never recommend them.
  8. Note: When you buy new laptops buy ALL of your additional OEM laptop batteries at the time of purchase.  Stay away from aftermarket or recell of laptop batteries for all the same reasons and more not listed.


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