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After 23 years and a long consideration, I have made the decision to close all aspects of each battery business.  I am available to do long term consulting contracts with exit package and am actively seeking employment in several industries now with exit package.  My battery knowledge is second to none.   My business is closed but If I were to take a new order my minimum order would need to be $20,000.00 per order.  Please view my professional employment profile on LinkedIn at  or Ron L Rathbone.  Positive Recommendations are Appreciated.

My web sites are still up because Each web site is my resume of my last 23 years of work and investment in myself.


There are many reasons for closing. Many of my clients in one market had credit lines directly connected to their homes and affected by the housing bubble of 2007.


Most of my clients were like myself and had no-doc credit lines and never had a problem.  Their credit issues rolled down on me.


Media groups and TV stations filed bankruptcy.  Roughly $100,000.00 and hurt my client and vendor relationships.  Other term TV stations just did not pay.  $10,000.00 and hurt my client and vendor relationships.


The Fraudulent Credit Card Charge backs and no support from MC, VISA, and AMEX cost me approximately $30,000.00 and hurt my client and vendor relationships.  This forced me to drop my merchant account in March 2008.


I was always self-financed.


March 19, 2009, after 20 plus years in business and dealing with the automotive industry since 1997, I was hand selected and delivered a 500 million dollar Obama Reinvestment Act Federal Energy Grant with a matching 500 million dollars in the same grants through a cartel of auto manufacturers headed by the then VP of Engineering Worldwide for GM, now retired.  We had all our paperwork in order and I was not a start-up.  We required a US level politician from the State of Tennessee to go with me as our advocate before the committee in DC and petition for us why we should receive those grants.


We aggressively pursued these partisan politicians who refused to return our telephone calls, email, postal letters, and finally I started showing up at colleges, waiting until they finished their speeches on why we should give to the 1%.  Then when called on I would ask about 2200 skilled jobs in Tennessee. They and their other Partisan Politician friends started a move to block 2200 jobs in East Tennessee not to mention regional tier 1, 2, and 3 businesses.  More important than the EV Battery Cell Manufacturing R&D facility was the Rare Earth Materials Refining Facility.  The only one in the world that refines lithium is in China.


The problems were with Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Steve Southerland, and Phil Roe and a new word for me, Partisan Politics.  Later Amazon felt the treachery of Tennessee politicians and then VW.


These were Obama Reinvestment Act Federal Energy Grants for the manufacture of EV battery cell manufacturing and R&D facilities in East Tennessee and a Rare Earth Refining Facility in Tennessee.  The only one that refines lithium is in China.


I was heavily invested in making these things happen.  These Tennessee Politicians would not go as our advocate and instead spent their time in front of news cameras screaming, Mr. President where are those jobs you promised us?


Knowing it was a bad move the auto cartel made a deal with A123 with the left hand and another with LG Chem using the right hand.  No automotive, train, airbus or other has appropriate battery hybrid or electric product.  When their PHD's are stuck they would call on me.


I received a personal visit from a colleague to the Executive Agent to then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on new projects, all of which required budget money and continued war.   The DOD funding was blocked.   I would like to have had the business but was / am glad the wars are closing out.


October 10, 2010, Shotgun armed robbery by three men and a woman.  Two are in prison, one is on a six year felony probation-a joke, and the woman worked something out because she was never brought in for arraignment.  I closed the building immediately and spent months fighting the legal system to see that they were prosecuted for sticking a 20 gauge shotgun to the back of my head and then to my nose with his drug induced finger on the trigger the entire time.  The plan was to leave no witnesses but those who created my wife and I have other plans.  I wish I knew those plans because we need them.


I now have a larger minimum to the factory for my lithium ion batteries.  My factory is one of the three best in China and they do not do small orders.


At the end it became impossible to collect enough orders in a timely manner to meet my minimums.  I would receive promises and no checks.  I asked good and regular clients for additional orders they needed and they apparently just had no funds.


I have many unnecessary new DOT / FAA . IATA freight rules on packing and shipping lithium ion batteries and I am afraid I will make a mistake.  There are no silver spoon financial backers to bail me out.   There are a lot more reasons, these are just dynamic highlights.


I am done.  I am ready to do long term contract work or be hired directly in the large EV battery cell market or just be hired directly in another industry and am actively looking.  Clients leave the industry for whatever reason.  If still working or in business and on Linkedin, referrals from thousands of my great clients for my Linked In site profile would be great.  Linkedin Profile:  

Resume in PDF: About_Rathbone_Energy/ideal_position_04162013.pdf


Thank you to my great customers that I have been fortunate to meet over the last twenty three years.  Most of it was ALL good.


The business line is disconnected and business email is set with an auto-responder advising we have closed.




Ron L. Rathbone


The E-Mail and VOIP Telephone Directory Sections For:
Rathbone Energy, Inc.

Hours of Operation, Ship To Location, and Holiday Schedule Links

Email is the primary communication, telephone is back up.

After the shotgun armed robbery on October 10, 2009 by four assailants, I needed a new environment.  In an organized manner, we moved out of that second building as weather allowed.  If you call and get voice mail, leave a message.  Closed

Phone Voice Mail:

If no one can get the call, we are on other lines, ALL in assembly helping on orders, it is a holiday / weekend, ice / wet snow, seasonal flu / intestinal bugs, or simply very early in the morning or late in the evening; Please, if you leave a (1) message regarding a new sales order someone will call you back as soon as we can.  If you have Caller ID Block, Please press *82 before dialing.  E-Mail  (1) using the complete directory list but the above still applies.  Adding more staff reduces our ability to compete with the Chinese and still supply you the excellent quality product that has built our 21 year old name.  

Face Book - Yes it is Social Network with millions posting their ever passing of gas, but I do not really support these within family and friends let alone in business as I consider them immature, anti-social skilled and not really a business environment.  I may have to go that way but hope not.  Twitter: The last study I read - recent - stated that over 77% of twitters go unread.

Note: (March 24, 2008 through January 2009), 2 catastrophic events, emergency relocation, and issues with AT&T sent us to an alternate phone service and building.  During that time a dozen or less new clients thought we were closed.  It was a disaster still not far enough behind us.

The direction and advise of a visiting Pentagon team including a DOD attorney, was to take each individual market within Rathbone Energy and separate each into a totally new and separate LLC which has been or will be created for each separate market that was originally inside of Rathbone Energy.  The Broadcast Battery Market Batteries under ownership of Rathbone Energy is now separate and under Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC.

For Broadcast Batteries Please See our new and separate LLC company created in January 2010 and an official LLC in April 2011.  for all broadcast batteries and broadcast equipment. 

eMail Directory for: (Please supply your state, or even better, a detailed contact information in your email.)  Please select a mailbox, not all mail boxes.

Current Language: Southern English.  We are not English majors but we have manners and our vocabulary skills are strong enough that we do not need to depend on negative adjectives for the bulk of our communication.  Have your heard the grammar of news reporters lately?

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Limited Warranty Points

Limited Warranty


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Home Air Flight Safety Articles Batteries All Broadcast Equipment Battery Chargers Careers Contact Us Conversions Calculators Forum REI Poll Results Search Sitemap Table of Contents


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