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Ship To For Inventory, Rebuilds and Samples:

Effective October 17, 2005, All inventory, rebuild, recell / repair, and samples will ship to:

Our "No Frills" office, assembly, and repair facility

June 17. 2008: Picture of replacement building to be up after we paint the building.

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Rathbone Energy , Inc.

Since we no longer rebuild or repair this page is unnecessary.


*82, 1-865-484-1783 Office

All sales emails are directed to one email box so please do not email multiple boxes.  You are only backing us up.


In your shipment include a business card with a valid ship to address and your contact information including email address and phone number.

Return Shipping:

  • All shipments have a $7.00 handling fee to cover material cost.  This is the $7.00 that shows up in the shopping cart as shipping because of the limited CGI script currently provided.
    • We try to recycle all packing materials keeping this handling fee low and attempting to keep us green.
  • We normally ship via your UPS or FEDEX prepaid return label, signature required.  Prepaid return label PDF must be emailed to
    • Most clients email us a PDF of their FedEx or UPS shipping label after receiving from us the actual weight and dimensions of their package or packages.  When your package/s are ready to ship we provide you the box/es dimensions and weight.  You then go on-line to your preferred carrier, complete a very easy form, pay the freight, print the shipping label to Adobe, and save.  You email us that saved PDF file, we print the PDF and attach to your box or boxes for shipping.  Why do we do this?
  • We do not like "Flat Rate" fees because someone pays to much and someone pays too little. 
    • The combinations of batteries, chargers, and accessories makes a weight and item weight factoring program cumbersome.
  • We can accommodate individual client shipping needs that, for various reasons, may be different.
  • We also drop ship.
  •  Clients select the "mail order" option at checkout.  When we see the order post we email the bank wire information and mailing address for Cashiers / Company check or money order.
  • We no longer accept credit cards.  If we run the freight through PayPal they get 5% of the freight which puts us in the hole.
Current Lead Times:
  1. Rathbone Energy Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Chargers, Lights, Bags Etc:  lead time can run 4 weeks to 8 weeks on average, depending on the product, quantity ordered, battery cell allocations, world economy, power outages, and other.  Please call for estimated lead time if you have a critical situation.  This lead time may change without notice.
  2. Rathbone Energy Ni-CD and Ni-MH Rebuilds and Recells:  We no longer assemble with nickel cadmium.  It will not be that long before we are no longer building with nickel metal hydride.  Current lead time is running approximately 4 to 6 weeks on new orders and this lead time may change without notice.  Battery cell manufacturer ARO's are running up to 36 weeks.  If you have a time sensitive situation please call us we may be able to offer other solutions.  Our Position On Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
  3. Rathbone Energy Dionic (Li-Ion) rebuilds:  Rebuilding Dionic 90

If you have any questions regarding current lead time please feel free to give us a call at 865-484-1783, or email

Detailed Turn-around

  • Large orders: Old Dominion (Non-union)  Yellow freight where unfortunately unions may be required for service.
    • We will advise shipping cost via email or telephone.
  • All battery and battery analyzer charger products are shipped Signature Required.
  • Shipping charges will include the freight carrier charges for Freight,  Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.
  • Remember, the more freight weight, the less the freight carrier will charge per pound. When processing your order, please provide a "street" ship to address and a working telephone number for the freight carrier.
  • For clients shipping large orders we do have a nationwide freight carrier account which has a $60.00 minimum charge.  They will pick up your boxes or pallets from your location and deliver to our location at a rate substantially better than UPS, FedEX, or DHL and with quick delivery.  As normal you will be charged outgoing and incoming freight but it is a better value for large orders. 
  • Click here to see transit time. Old Dominion

SALES TAX: We charge NO Sales Tax on Interstate transactions!  Sales tax are collected from sales within the State of Tennessee Only.



Contact Us 

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